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Are pigments based on aluminum hydroxide or alumina coated with metal oxides. The alumina has a thin and smooth surface that brings greater brightness, uniformity and purity to the colors. It has a high compatibility with most resins. Available in 18 colors in sizes from 3-30μm to 9-45μm.


Astro AT®

It is a unique line of pre-dispersed pigments from BiOCl that offers pearlescent effects and color, in a wide range of applications based on acrylic resins, PMMA, PVC decorative sheets, polyester buttons, pearls, among others.



Powder pigments are obtained by coating aluminum particles with one or more layers of metal oxides at a certain thickness. Through this treatment, different shades of silver, gold, red, orange, green and blue can be obtained. They are metallic colors of high coverage and intensity, available in 10-50μm, 30-60μm and 50-80μm particle sizes.

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