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Axion® are Borosilicate pigments coated with TiO2 and metal oxides. They are characterized by intense, translucent and very bright tones, comparable to diamond. Available in more than 40 colors in white, interference, gold and bronze; with a size range between 6-41μm and 30-230μm.


Axion Silver® Borosilicate-based pigments coated with high purity silver. It offers a real silver effect. This series has an electromagnetic and sterilizing shielding effect. It can be used in the electronics industry effectively. Has a range of 4 products with sizes from 15-90μm to 60-600μm.


Reflex Axion Color® Borosilicate-based Interference pigments coated with organic and inorganic pigments. Available in 6 pure colors that provide very intense effects, in a size range of 15-105μm.

Multiorora Axion® are Borosilicate-based pigments with color-travel effect. They show a multi-color effect depending on the angle of incident lights. Available in 4 colors in a size range of 30-180μm.

Cest® Crystal Series are borosilicate-based pigments coated with TiO2 and SnO2. Consist of 6 products including white tones, interference and golds, with a wide variety of particle sizes.


Cromachange® Series are optically variable pigments. Composed of borosilicate particles coated with multiple layers of silica and metal oxides. Depending on the viewing angle, these products can show the three-color tone in a single pigment. Range of 15 color combinations available in various particles sizes.

Glass particles coated with TiO2 and metal oxides. Its translucent and clean base allows to offer bright pigments, with vivid colors and a very high purity.



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