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24K Gold

It favors the nutrition, luminosity and vitality of the skin, with tensor and regenerative effects. Boosts the effectiveness of antioxidant actives. It gives a luxurious appearance to the cosmetic formulas. It comes in powder, flakes or escales.

Boron nitride

High purity synthetic boron-based inorganic compound, characterized by being a soft, inert, non-toxic, lubricating powder, used in cosmetics and personal care products to decrease adhesion, improve texture, increase luminosity, soften and act as absorbent.

   Product Range

  • BN PUHP® 3002 Optimal for non-aqueous formulations that require subtle opacity and soft-focus effect.

  • Particle size: 1 - 4μm

  • BN PUHP® 500 Optimal for non-aqueous formulations, offering subtle luminosity with greater lubricity.
    Particle size: 4 - 11μm

  • BN L’EAU® 3002 Soluble in water. Designed for water-based formulations. Provides opacity and soft-focus effect.
    Particle size: 1 - 4μm

  • BN L’EAU® 500 Soluble in water. Designed for water-based formulations. Provides subtle luminosity with greater lubricity.
    Particle size: 4 - 11μm


Products composed of a long chain fatty acid and an alkali metal (Ca, Zn, Na, Mg, Al). They are excellent lubricants, anti-binders, emulsifier and stabilizer. Cosmetic grade.
Product Range Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Stearate, Aluminum Stearate, Sodium Stearate, Calcium Stearate.


White soft, porous, natural, rich in kaolinite (hydrated aluminum silicate) clay. It has absorbent, anti-binder properties, as a bulking agent, opacifier and skin protector.

Talc powder

Mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate, used in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products. It is added to absorb moisture, to soften, as anti-binder, anti-stick and opacifier. Product free from impurities such as asbestos and asbestos.


Titanium dioxide

Bright white additive with excellent light scattering properties and opacifier. It is widely used as a pigment and sunscreen. Cosmetic degree, nanoparticle free.

Zinc oxide

Cosmetic grade and pharmaceutical additive with 99.99% purity. It is very versatile with antiseptic, lubricating, whitening, opacifying, soothing, and sun protection properties.


Mirinae® - Alumina Powder

Aluminum oxide of high purity and whiteness with easy dispersion, it brings luminosity and transparency to the cosmetic formulations. It spreads evenly over the skin. Improves texture, with excellent adhesion (long-lasting effect), good color expression and soft focus effect, with no oily feeling. Good UV, pH, temperature or solvent stability. It is used in products such as: long lasting eye shadows and lipstick, BB creams, foundations, powder makeup and skin care products. Particle Size: 3-30μm (D50: 7-10 μm).

Treated minerals

Exclusive formulations of minerals with added additives to improve softness, lubricity and ability to be compressed. Customized formulas are designed according to the needs of the client.

   Product Range

  • Talctreat®

  • Boron nitride treat®



  • LIQUIBEAD® innovative range of micro beads 100% natural for skin exfoliation. Mixture of semi-sodium bentonite of high purity with polymers of marine and vegetal origin. Help accelerate the process of skin natural renewal, refining and illuminating. Natural and biodegradable substitute for polyethylene. It is a stable, compatible product and easily suspended in different personal care formulations.

· LIQUIBEAD® 10 high exfoliation system. 
  There is no dissolution of the microbeads.


· LIQUIBEAD® 20 20 medium-strength scrub.
  The microbeads dissolve.


  • SOFTBEN® Natural White Semi-Sodium Bentonite, with optimal properties for making soup bars. Contains a high concentration of colloids, easy dispersion in water, leaves no residue and reinforces the foam. Suitable hardness for the extrusion process. Microbiologically controlled, it comes in granules with different sizes and colors giving a visual, sensory and smooth exfoliation effect. Alternative to sugar or salt as an exfoliating agent in non-aqueous systems.



Highly crystalline and porous hydrosized aluminosilicate, enriched with silver and copper to give antimicrobial properties; exfoliants and deodorants (eliminate unwanted odors) for different personal care formulations.

   Product Range

  • Silver Zeolite (2.5% Ag). Very fine white powder.

  • Silver and Copper Zeolite (1.5% Ag and 0.5% Cu). Very fine powder slightly bluish.

  • Copper and Silver Zeolite - 2 (1.5% Ag and 4.5% Cu). Very fine bluish powder.

Natural mica powder

Mineral without additives, of the Muscovite variety. Widely used in cosmetics to give luminosity and shine to a variety of facial, body, makeup, nail lacquer and skin care products. Particle size 5-25μm


Synthetic mica powder

The difference from natural mica is it whiteness, brilliance, transparency, reflection of light and purity. It is used in a wide range of cosmetics and personal care products, including bath products, eye shadow, lipstick, makeup as well as nail polish and skin care products. Particle size: 2-18μm, 3-25μm and 9-45μm.

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