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Particles composed of very thin sheets combining polyester, dyes and reflective materials. By using them you get luxurious and shiny products. They are composed of cosmetic colorants approved by European legislation.

Product Range



Eco-friendly glitters made with renewable biodegradable cellulose films that allow composting. They have a very shiny appearance and are very versatile for cosmetic formulations.

Celluglit SR* Solvent resistant bioglitter, coated with polyurethane. 92-96% biodegradable content, ideal for solvent-based formulations such as nail polish or alcohol-based formula *.

Celluglit UR Non-solvent resistant Bioglitter, coated with polyurethane. 92-96% biodegradable content. Ideal for formulations such as compact or loose powders, eye shadows, oil or wax-based formulations, etc.

Celluglit AL Bioglitter made with Pullulan® containing aluminum. 97-100% biodegradable components. For formulations that want a higher% of biodgradable ingredients.

Celluglit GL Bioglitter made with Pullulan® without aluminum (transparent). 97-100% biodegradable components.


* The intended user must test and verify the suitability of any glitter in its formulation and use.


  • Loose and compact powders

  • Oil / wax based formulation

  • Alcohol-based formulation *

  • Some nail polish with biodegradable components

Cosmetic glitter

Standard series of cosmetic glitters with more than 20 colors available. Not suitable for nail polish.

WRSR® Series

Specially coated polyester particles that have a high resistance to water and solvents.


  • P Series  Glitters with very brilliant effect, available in 24 colors.

  • HL Glitter Series Glitters with holographic effect and rainbow reflection, available in 12 colors.

  •  Chameleon Series Glitters with iridescent effect, comes in a range of 32 colors.

  • Mosaic Series Glitters with matte effect, in a wide variety of colors.

  • Glass Series Transparent glitters, composed of polyester sheets and colorants, with a translucent effect, like glass. Available in 8 colors.

Crystal Pigment - Luxury Collection 

Product composed of polymers in the state of liquid crystal. These pigments provide a unique and dazzling optical effect and polarization of light (chameleon effect). Exclusive collection for nail polish.

Diamond Fiesta®

Series of glitters with optically variable effect and dazzling brightness. Not resistant to solvents.


Small decorative glass spheres. Its main feature is that they are very versatile, can be used in artistic makeup as well as decoration in cosmetic nail lacquers and gels.
Particle size: 0.7, 1, 1.2mm

Zircosil® and Noorisil®

Mixture of glitters with borosilicate pigments. This combination allows products to achieve special brightness and unique effects.
More than 40 colors available in different sizes.

Just like silver

A combination of borosilicates, glitters, aluminum pigments blended to create affects Just Like Silver.
Available in 10 colors and different sizes.


Made from borosilicate pigments coated with high purity silver. It has intense luster, brightness and unparalleled metallic effect.
Available in 5 colors and different sizes.

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