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Pearlescent pigments of BiOCI pre-dispersed in nitrocellulose that provide pearlescent glitter and allows a perfect compatibility with the formulations of enamels and varnishes for nails. Available in 2 versions: Alfalux-60 and Alfalux-25 (60% and 25% of BiOCI respectively). Alfalux allows you to add other colorful powder pigments to create your own color line.


BiOCl dispersion with a wide range of dyes. It is used from 1 - 5% to formulate a colored nail polish. By mixing different Alfalux Color you can create a range of original colors. Available in 15 colors.


Pearlescent pigment flakes based on BiOCl, mica and natural pigments that facilitate their dispersion in liquid, creamy and semi-solid formulations. Provides pearl luster to lip sticks, lip-glosses and creamy eyeshadows. Available in 18 colors.


Unique combination of pigments, bismuth oxychloride (BiOCI) and muscovite mica. They provide an intense color and a satin gloss. Its great adhesion to the skin makes them ideal for any application in color cosmetics.
Available in 15 colors.


SATIN B® Pure bismuth oxychloride (BiOCI) pigments that impart a satin gloss, excellent hiding power, softness and are easy to compress. Available in two versions:


  • Satin B UVS with soft-focus effect, improves the feel and extensibility of the product on the skin.

  • Satin B UCR improves resistance to UV rays.

Both are suitable for cosmetic "long lasting" applications.


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