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Extremely thin, smooth and highly transparent borosilicate pigments, with very bright, intense and unique colors. They leave a soft and elegant sensation on the skin. These are non-toxic pigments, with excellent chemical stability, ideal for cosmetic use.
Available in a range of 40 colors in a wide variety of sizes.



Borosilicate pigments coated with organic and inorganic pigments. This range offers a variety of vivid, clean and brilliant colors.
Available in 6 colors, in 15-105μm particle size.


Borosilicate-based pigments with color-travel effect. They offer different color shades depending on the angle of incident lights. High transparency, clean, pure colors with intense sparkle.
Available in 4 colors in 30-180μm.


Borosilicate pigments coated with multiple layers of metal oxides and silica, with optically variable effect. Depending on the angle you look at, these products can show the color of three colors in one.
Available in 15 colors in various particle sizes.


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