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GLARE SILVER® Borosilicate substrate coated with high purity silver. These products are differentiated from other effect pigments by their highly reflective sparkling effect. Available in 4 colors in 4 different sizes.

Function Antimicrobial capabilities.



Pure bismuth oxychloride pigments with optimum properties such as UVA and UVB sunscreen. UVICARE exceeds the effectiveness of agents such as TiO2 and ZnO, with a broader protection spectrum (384 nm). It is more transparent in the application, without nano particles, good dispersion and great performance to provide the same level of protection as the TiO2 and ZnO with less concentration of active ingredients. Available in 6 shades of skin color.

Function SPF-Booster effect in the UVA and UBV range.

ECONA® natural mica pigments coated with natural plant extracts, alternative to red carmine and ferric ferrocyanide, being safer and more stable. No restriction on eyes and lip areas. Range of 5 colors in 2 sizes: 5-27μm and 8-50μm.

Function 1% has antioxidant effect (DPPH Test).



New generation of pigments composed of thin titanium dioxide plates, with no core inside. Ideal for very light formulations, with less risk of sedimentation. Providing softness and luminosity. 5 interference colors in size 5-35μm.

Function Sunscreen effect (In-vivo, In-vitro tested).

New generation of pigments that not only bring color and brightness, but also offer qualities of an active ingredient.


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