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Product Range

Depending on the different needs of efficiency and appearance, we offer the following products:

Spheres of double encapsulated that allows protection and transportation by micelles of active ingredients. This system improving their absorption to the deep layers of the skin. In addition, they keep the actives fresh, allow integrating ingredients both hydrophilic and lipophilic without the need for emulsification, help avoid the use of surfactants and do not cause irritation. These spheres have a 3D visual effect.

Rebirth dermocapsules consist of three layers:

  • The inner layer composed of lipophilic actives.

  • The middle layer formed by water and hydrophilic active agents.

  • The outer layer formed by an algae and carrageenan extract gel.

Rebirth Coenzyme Q10® and Vitamin A

Actives used to reduce expression lines and wrinkles. It has antioxidant and anti-free radical effects. In addition, it helps to regain firmness of the skin tissue. The dermocapsules assure the total absorption of CoQ10 in the skin and its activity. For anti-aging formulas.
Presentation in yellow spheres.

Rebirth Shea Butter®

It is well known for its power of cellular regeneration, it prevents the aging of the skin and hair. It has an intense moisturizing and nourishing power in face and body, great softening and restructuring properties in wrinkles and stretch marks. Presentation in golden spheres.

Rebirth Ceramida 3®

It plays an important role in the restoration of the natural barrier of the skin and offers protection against the loss of moisture, fixing the water in the epidermis with long lasting effect. In addition, it provides a reduction and prevention of extra dry skin. Useful for skin and hair.
Presentation in pink spheres.



Its an Active well known for its emollient, healing, protective, soothing, anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effects. Presentation in pearly white spheres.

Actives can be encapsulated
at customer request.

Rebirth Coenzima Q10®

Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and antioxidant active. Rebirth dermocapsule system allow to penetrate  deep into the skin. Presentation in reddish spheres.

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