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Innovative pigments that in the presence of heat, light or water, create special effects.



Thermochromic pigments change color when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. We offer 11 reversible colors in a temperature range of 1 to 40ºC.

There is a version low in formaldehyde (0.03%) and without Bisphenol.

    Product Range

  • Water-based ink and Gravure
    ink Base NC

    Applications: Labels, markers,
    security objects, stationery,
    toys, textiles, graphic arts,
    among others.

  • Concentrated resin of PP, PE,
    PVC (Without BPA) and
    Silicone (without BPA)

    Applications: Toys, accessories,
    plastic packaging, cables,
    Vinyl chloride products,
    mobile phones, among others.


It is a pigment sensitive to sunlight or ultraviolet light. In the presence of light it changes from a colorless state to a new color; this process is reversible. It is available in blue, yellow and purple.

It is recommended to apply Photopia® as the last layer on a traditional print. In this way the print can "appear and disappear" creating special effects.

   Product Range

  • Water-based ink

    Applications: Tags, indicators,
    security objects, stationery,
    toys, fabrics and printing.

  • Concentrated resin of PP and PE

Aplicaciones Toys, packaging
and accessories


Product composed of a special wet-binder that changes from white to very transparent, when it is wet. This effect is reversible when the product dries. For example, images printed below Hydrochromic White magically appear with water and disappear when they are dry.

Hydro Chromic White

It is formulated for cotton, polyester, nylon, soft fabrics and other materials that allow the application by traditional methods of screen-printing. It is soft to the touch and exhibits excellent water and rubbing resistance. It can be mixed with water-based pigments to provide a variety of shades.

Applications Fabric toys, clothing for dolls, children's products, drawing sheets, among others.


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