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Range of high quality fluorescent pigments for a variety of applications such as: paints, graphic arts, plastic, textiles, toys, packaging, crafts, crayons, paintball, among others.

  • General Fluo Series Fluorescent pigments for water-based systems and low polarity solvents for general applications.

    Applications: Water-based paper coatings, textiles, paints and inks, among others.


  • Fluo Series without formaldehyde: Fine powder with bright colors and intense fluorescence. Free of formaldehyde, heavy metals and prohibited aromatic amines.
    Two sizes available: Fine and Standard.

    Applications: Specially designed for plastic masterbach. The Fine version is designed for plastisol, powder coatings, wax crayons and textile use.

  • Fluo Series -Solvent Resistant Fine particle size fluorescent pigments made from a thermoset matrix for increased solvent resistance.

    Applications: Solvent-based inks and paints, aerosols, plastisol, polyurethane, among others.


  • Fluo Series in Microspheres Incredibly inert Fluorescent resin in the form of thermostable microspheres, resistant to high temperatures. It is useful in applications sensitive to pigment migration.

    Applications: Food packaging plastics, toys, crayons, paintballs, powder coating, leather, among others.

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