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Synthetic Mica pigment coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide, specially treated for outdoor resistance. They are characterized by their bright and vivid colors, with diamond effect. Range of 35 colors between white, interference and metallic in sizes

 2-12μm, 5-25μm and 9-40μm.

Automotive Chaos®

Interference pigments based on synthetic mica doubly coated with TiO2, SnO2 and silane. The pigments are characterized by their sophisticated colors, high purity and transparency. They offer greater durability, resistance to humidity and low abrasiveness.

6 colors in size 5-35μm.

Automotive Ferrius®

Synthetic mica metallized pigments doubly coated with special iron oxides for exterior use. This series shows metallic and solid colors

8-color range in size 7-37μm.


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