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Automotive® natural

Natural mica pigments coated with silane (OP). They are designed for automotive coatings, but can be used for any outdoor application. Compatible with any type of resin. Range of 24 colors between white, interference and metallized.
Two sizes 5-25 μm and 9-40μm.

Cest® exterior

Range of basic pigments for exterior. 8 colors including white, gold, interference and red wine.
Size 10-48μm.

Automotive Axion®

Borosilicate pigments coated with titanium dioxide and tin oxide treated with external resistant silane. They are characterized by their intense and pure colors. Their spectacular brightness and transparency make them a very special range.

Particle size 5-35 µm.

Adamas exterior®

Pigments based on aluminum or alumina hydroxide coated with metal oxides. The alumina has a thin thickness and smooth surface that brings greater uniformity, brightness and purity to the colors. High compatibility with most resins.

14 colors in 5-30 size

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